The closing date is the same date you get possession of the house. Depending upon your arrangement with your current landlord and the condition of the house, you will have to start making arrangements for the move. Having a checklist reviewed by your experienced realtor can help you make this process go smooth as well.

Contact truck rental or moving companies ahead of time to ensure you will have help available on the day of. Leaving this to chance or last minute can delay your move. Keys are usually handed over midday so plan accordingly. Having a closing date that is a day or two before your current agreement expires gives you a great head start to get any professional cleaning done in you new home.

Finding the right company to move with
Do your research and read those testimonials before you say aye to a moving company. The last thing you want is drama on your day of the move. Check if the moving company is a reputable one.

Planning your packing
Ideally you should have started decluttering and packing nonessential stuff around the house as soon as you started house hunting. So that once you approach the big day, it is only the essential stuff and furniture that you will be packing.

Starting early and doing most work yourself will save you time and money in the end. While professional packers/movers can be helpful, packing your stuff and labelling the boxes will ensure a smooth transition.

Decluttering before you move!
Whether or not you are a hoarder, a new home is the perfect time to look at your stuff again and decide whether you really need all that you have possession of. If you have not used it in a long time, it is a great time to donate it to a good cause. Organizing a garage sale is another way to get rid of some stuff for some cash.

The first week in your new home
Waking up in your new home with dozens of packed boxes is a bittersweet feeling. Pat yourself on the back for making it this far and get ready for settling in. These are exciting times! Enjoy settling in and resist the urge to go on a shopping spree.