Home inspection is an extremely important component of purchasing a home. You have done your research on the neighborhood and everything looks great. But will you take any chances with one of the biggest purchases you will ever make? Probably not. Home inspectors are professionals who go beyond the cosmetics and check how good the infrastructure of the house is. They check the basements, furnaces, windows, floors, ceilings and make sure you don’t wake up to any surprises. Home inspection reports help you in making an offer and budgeting if help you in making an offer and budgeting if you end up buying a house that needs renovation or touch ups. Do not skimp on quality home inspection service.

Costs associated with Home Inspection
While the cost of getting a home inspection report varies, it is not a major cost. At most it will cost you a few hundred dollars. However, it is a sound investment to make given the peace of mind it gives you. As a rule, if a house is old and not properly maintained, a home inspector will have to do a lot more work and will cost more. A smaller functional house will cost a lot less. Most houses around 2500 square feet will cost you around 450 plus tax. This gives a fair idea of much more or less it will cost depending on your property.

Most buyers make a satisfactory home inspection report as a prerequisite for the purchase offer. A seller avoiding home inspection is a red flag.

Enlist a certified company
It is extremely important that you enlist the services of a company or inspector who are members in good standing of their provincial regulatory bodies/associations. We are happy to provide you with a list of tried and tested companies and individuals to help you get accurate inspections.

What do home inspectors look for?
Home inspectors go beyond the superficial good looks and look deep into the plumbing, electrical wiring, roof strength, windows, the foundation, and many more things. They even check for moldy basements and pest infestation. An experienced professional will take the time to do a thorough investigation and come up with an accurate report.

Get your hands dirty and jump in.
There is no rule that says you cannot join the inspector while he does his work. Schedule a visit together to learn more about the property and pro maintenance tips along the way.

Inspection Report
This report give you details about what the overall impression is and what needs to be fixed or removed and the cost associated with it.

What if my home is brand new?
Well contrary to popular belief, a new house needs to be inspected as well. Reason? Builders vary in the quality of their final delivery. In fact the first year in a new house may have many surprises as you settle down.