Where would you like to live?

The Urban citizen
You want to big bad city. You would rather pay more but cut on your work commute and be able to walk to a cool bar or a restaurant. Depending on your budget you can go for a sprawling house or a compact condo with city views.

The Suburban dreamer
You don’t mind the commute but would like bigger homes on a smaller budget, schools and shopping centers that have been newly constructed. Depending on where you work, you might have to deal with slow traffic or jammed highways but the suburban life is worth it.

The Small-Town kind of person
If you like or miss the feeling of being in a small town tight knit community, smaller towns and cities can save you a LOT while affording you the opportunity to own a nook of your own.

The Rural birds
if you want your own space and of it A LOT of it then rural is the way to go. The budget for a condo in the city can buy you an acre or more in rural areas. If solitude is your thing -go for it.

What kind of home are you looking for?

Detached Homes
Detached homes are just that -detached. They are standalone units and can range from single or split level bungalows to double or even triple storey houses.

Semi-detached Homes
Semi detached are two units of separate houses joined by a common wall. They are smaller than detached homes and cost less as well.

Townhomes can be seen as rows of houses also referred to as terrace housing. They have walls shared on either side of the house except the end units which only have one side attached and are generally bigger and cost more. They can be freehold which means you look after all maintenance issues or maintained which means you pay a monthly fee for looking after maintenance issues.

Condo is short for condominiums and are just like apartments in high rise buildings and often provide access to various amenities such as gyms, swimming pool etc. They usually have maintenance fees and make a great choice for first time home buyers. Compared to a home the condos cost much less.

New or Resale?

New homes mean you will be the first person inhabiting it. Sometimes you can book a home before it is even constructed allowing you to customize different features and fixtures to your taste. New homes are usually in developing areas which means unpaved roads, dust and mud until the builder is done completing the development.