It is possible that your home listing may expire. There are many common reasons for listings to expire such as over pricing, poor marketing and/or poor showcasing. Do not worry. Its not all doom and gloom. We can help you get out of that as well.

One of the most common reasons for expired listings is an overpriced house/property. If an agent has listed your house at an exorbitant price, he/she may be doing you and your home a disservice. Experienced agents take a variety of factors into account before choosing a price that is both fair and commensurate with the prevailing market conditions and the house and neighborhood.

How to tell if the problem is overpricing? Well the biggest indicator is if you get many visitors but few or no offers. If you are consistently getting low offers, its time to reconsider your pricing strategy. If you have many visitors, that means your property has been marketed well and the problem lies in the price or the showcasing.

If you have a reasonable enough property listed at an appropriate price point but you are not getting a steady flow of interested visitors, its time to reconsider your marketing strategy. Where are you advertising? What kind of images have you chosen? How have you described the property? Who are you pitching the house to? Who is your primary/target audience?

Even a fairly nice property if not presented and showcased well fetch few offers. You are simply not presenting your property that is appealing enough for the buyer to sign that offer letter.

Pay attention to any critical feedback you might receive from buyers or their agents. The solution may lie in their feedback. Is there an area of concern raised by many?

The solution is easy once you have identified the source of the problem. If its overpricing, you can relist the house at an appropriate price. If you were not getting visitors, its time to change your marketing and showcasing strategy. We are just one call away! We will always give you an honest assessment of your property along with a sound sale strategy.